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Recipe Roundup: Tea-Rubbed Maple Turkey

Recipe Roundup is a biweekly post where we share our favorite recipes that include a tea ingredient. We share recipes every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Hello, fellow tea-lovers! It’s holiday season, and we’ve got the ultimate turkey tip to impress your guests this Thanksgiving: Tea-Rubbed Maple Turkey!

I know, I know – tea on turkey? What junk are we smoking and where can you get some?! Ha! But in all seriousness, the magic comes from the Lapsang Souchang premium tea in the rub.

We made this recipe last year and it was the juiciest turkey any of us had ever had. It was tender, smoky; it literally melted in our mouths. We are definitely making it again this year as our show-stopping bird for Thanksgiving.

Here are some of the “in progress photos.”

The rub seasoning with the Lapsang Souchong tea leaves.
Getting our buddy ready for the oven.
All dressed up and ready for the show!
Finished! Look at that glorious glaze!

Check out the recipe below to see how just how easy it is to create an unforgettable main course.

Tea-Rubbed Maple Turkey Recipe*


Instructions for the Turkey

  • Mix rub ingredients together and rub half the mixture under the skin of the turkey breast, thighs and drumsticks. Rub the remaining mixture over the skin of the turkey and leave uncovered in the refrigerator overnight up to 24 hours.
  • Roast at 325 for 2 hours (magazine suggests putting 4 cups of water in the roasting pan) then remove from over when thickest part of the thigh registers registers 155-160.
  • Baste with 1/4 cup of glaze and return turkey to oven until breast registers 160 and thigh 175 approximately an hour to an hour and a half basting every half hour.

Instructions for the Glaze

  • Steep 2 heaping tablespoons of lapsang souchang tea in boiling water for 4 minutes. Combine 1/2 cup of tea with1/2 cup pure maple syrup, 1/4 cup soy sauce, 2 Tblsp unseasoned rice wine vinegar,1/2 teasp ground white pepper in a sauce pan and cook over medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes, cook down to about 3/4 of a cup. Reserve 1/2 cup to serve with turkey and use 1/4 cup for basting.

*Original recipe from Milk Street Magazine Nov-Dec 2017 (pg 16)

Ready to make it yourself? Order your Lapsang Souchong today!

Happy cooking, communi-tea! 

Tea and Crumpets,

Have you made this recipe or a similar turkey recipe? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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