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Customer Rewards Program

Introducing The Novel Tea’s brand new Customer Reward Program!

Why should I get one?

The program is free, and you will receive a free bag of custom-blended tea when you earn enough stamps!

How does it work?

Show your Customer Reward Program card every time you attend a Novel Tea event to receive a stamp. You can receive a stamp for attending any of our tea events and shopping our store. Qualifying purchases can be made online and in person. Conditions apply.*

Where can I get a Customer Reward Program card?

A Customer Reward Program card can be picked up in person at any of our events and are included with every online purchase.

If you have any questions regarding our Customer Reward Program, please contact us.

*Redemption: No cash value. One event cannot count for multiple circles. Completed card will be exchanged for a free custom-blended tea gift certificate. Recipient is responsible for completing custom-blended tea questionnaire and following all gift certificate instructions to receive their custom-blended tea.

Tea and crumpets,

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