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make the perfect pumpkin spice tea latte with this blend of black tea, marigold and pumpkin spice

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This premium black tea is blended with marigold and pumpkin spice. The strong pumpkin spice scent means that every time you steep a pot your whole kitchen will smell like fall. The taste is lovely, and, despite the scent, not too strong.

This black tea makes the world’s best Pumpkin Tea Latte!

One bag of The Novel Tea artisan loose leaf tea make 50 – 60 cups of tea, or 7 – 10 pots.

Pumpkin Tea Latte Instructions

1) Steep one strong pot or cup of tea. Use double the normal number of leaves–either two teaspoon for a single 6 oz cup, or two pot-measure spoons. Do not steep for too long.

2) Warm milk. You can use a microwave, saucepan or milk frother.

3) Fill cup 2/3 full with strong tea.

4) Fill remaining 1/3 with warm milk.

5) Add sweetener to taste. We recommend honey, but sugar or sugar substitutes will work.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.5 × 8 in

Resealable 4oz Rice Paper Bag


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